Boulder SEO & website design

Are you looking to have a website designed in the Boulder area? Well, you have come to the right place! In this day and age you need more than just a fancy looking website; for example how about SEO (search engine optimization)? It does not matter how cool your site looks if no one can find it on Google…

How about training? What if you want to make a simple change to your site only to find that your “web designer” will not return your email or has gotten out of the business? What on earth do you do then?  Well, what if you were trained to make changes as part of the website design? Please take a moment to watch my short video below:

What about video? Everyone knows video is an integral part of websites. The only problem is that after your site is designed most developers will tell you to go and hire a video production company. How expensive is that? What if professorially produced videos were part of the package?

How about blogging to introduce new services or updates from your company? You will need to do this, and these posts will need to be automatically uploaded to your Facebook and twitter accounts. What if these things were all included for one price?

Hi my name is Michael Smith and I would like to work with you in the greater Boulder area to accomplish all of these things.


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